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It can be hard to admit when your credit card debt is spiraling out of control. Maybe you lost a job and had to make up a few hundred dollars each month for rent, or you needed to put utility bills on credit because of cut hours at work. Whatever the reason is for the debt, you probably know when it’s becoming too much to handle.

On top of placing those bills onto your card, you now have interest and potentially penalties if you can’t make payments on time. This is a vicious cycle, and it can be hard to break free. Fortunately, you can get credit debt back under control.

Handling your debts: Analyze it

To start with, you should analyze your debt to see if there is somewhere you can cut back to make larger payments. You should attempt never to miss a payment, and work out why your budget is off-track. Once you identify the issues that have led to your debt, you can begin finding ways to pay it off. If there is no reasonable way to get the debt under control, then it might be time to consider bankruptcy.

Get organized before choosing bankruptcy

If you think bankruptcy might be the right option for you, first sit down and get organized. Look at all your bills and expenses. Is there anything you can do to reduce what your expenses are each month? Will you receive any lump sums of cash you can use to pay off debt instead of entering into bankruptcy? This is something to consider, especially if your debt could potentially be eliminated in the near future with just a few changes.

Turn to a professional for help if all else fails

In any situation, professional help is the best way to make sure your plans will work out the way you hope. Whether you’re considering bankruptcy, want to negotiate with your creditors or need to seek relief in other ways, your accountant, attorney and other business professionals can help you understand your options and how they might affect you in the future. They may even have some options that you hadn’t thought of.

These are a few things to do to start getting your debt under control. You’re not alone, and there are people who can help when you feel lost due to financial concerns in your life.