What are Aid and Attendance benefits?

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As a Tennessee veteran ages, he will likely start to experience the same health issues that affect a broad range of people as they get older. They may not be able to get around as well as they used to, and a medical condition is likely to leave them homebound or even bed-ridden and requiring constant medical and personal care.

In addition to others, the Veterans Administration offers two types of benefits that may be particularly helpful to a veteran who finds herself in this situation. However, the veteran will have to meet the eligibility requirements for these benefits and get through the proper channels of applying for them.

These benefits are paid over and above one’s current monthly pension, so someone who is not eligible for a pension will not be able to get these benefits.

The details of how to apply for these benefits are probably best discussed with an experienced veterans benefits attorney who serves the greater Chattanooga area and Southeastern Tennessee.

However, in general, one will have to show that he needs the help of another person to perform basic functions of daily life like eating, dressing or going to the bathroom. On a similar note, being confined in a nursing home generally qualifies. There is also a separate Housebound benefit available to those who, while perhaps not in a nursing home, have to stay within their residence because of health reasons.

Aid and Attendance benefits can provide valuable additional financial assistance to veterans who are experiencing debilitating health issues. They can serve as an important part of one’s overall plan for maintaining financial stability.


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