What types of benefits are available to veterans?

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The term veterans’ benefits actually refers to a number of federal programs that those who have served the United States can take advantage of. These programs are often essential in allowing a soldier, sailor or airman, once his or her service is complete, to transition smoothly in to a successful civilian life. This country’s veterans truly deserve no less.

There are four basic programs that, collectively, get referred to as veterans benefits:

First, veterans may qualify for a pension payable to them after they leave the service. This pension provides supplemental income to a veteran and his or her family. Generally speaking, the amount of one’s pension depends on the nature and extent of his or her service.

For those who get permanently injured or sickened in connection with military services, an additional disability benefit may be available. Unlike disability benefits available to civilians, veterans are actually able to claim a partial disability in the event that they can still work but just not to their full capacity due to their illness or injury.

Many residents of Cleveland, Tennessee, may also be well aware of the VA hospitals located throughout the country. These hospitals and other clinics are part of a network that allows vets to get affordable or even free health care as they go on through life.

Finally, many veterans may be eligible for benefits that will help them afford to get a higher education which, in turn, could translate in to a better paying job.

There are also other, lesser known benefits, including job training, favorable loans for one’s business or home, and the like.

Because they are separate programs, each benefit has its own rules and criteria about which a Tennessee resident wanting benefits must be aware. In this respect, consulting a legal professional who understands the system of veterans benefits may prove helpful.


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