What evidence do you need to support a VA disability claim?

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As previous posts here have discussed, those who served the United States in the Armed Services may be able to qualify for disability payments offered through the Department of Veterans Affairs. Unlike other disability programs, including Social Security, Veterans Benefits are available even to those who are partially disabled, which means that while they can work, they cannot do so to the same extent as they could prior to their illness or injury.

Still, someone wishing to receive this disability benefit through the VA must submit evidence documenting their medical condition. The evidence must show that the veteran has a medical condition which leaves the person unable, or at least less able, to do work or handle other basic daily functions. Moreover, the veteran will need to document that his illness or injury arose during his time in military service.

This sort of documentation can include a number of items. Generally speaking, a former solider or sailor will want to submit records of service and discharge. They will also want to release records of medical treatment while in the military, as well as any other medical records showing the nature and extent of the injury. These records should explain how the illness or injury limits the ability to work.

Collecting these records can prove to be quite a challenge. Moreover, it is also important that the records be organized in a way that the official reviewing them can understand them easily and see how a veteran’s condition is affecting him. This is one reason why many Tennessee veterans get more information about their legal rights and needs.


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