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Month: June 2020

Dealing with divorce at an older age

Older people in Tennessee who are getting a divorce might have a few concerns that younger people in the same situation do not share. Because they are closer to retirement, they have less time to make up for financial setbacks as a result of the divorce. Their...

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Depression, marital strain and divorce

There are various reasons why marriages crumble. Sometimes, an affair leads to a marriage falling apart, while other couples decide to get divorced because disagreements on major issues (such as a child attending a particular college or where to live). However, some...

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Looking at the bright side of divorce

When people think about the impact of divorce, they often focus on certain negative aspects of the process and the way in which lives are impacted by the end of a marriage. From bitter custody disputes and financial hurdles to courtroom stressors, people often have...

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Estate planning and PTSD

Our law firm realizes that those with post-traumatic stress disorder face many hardships in life. From problems in personal relationships to struggling in the workplace and battling mental trauma that leads to addiction, sleep problems and other challenges, PTSD is...

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Estate planning as a new parent

For new parents, life is often very stressful from multiple viewpoints, whether people are experiencing financial problems or simply have difficulty adjusting to life with a newborn (sleep loss, taking time off work, etc.). However, if you recently welcomed a child...

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Marital problems due to a traffic accident

Motor vehicle wrecks disrupt victims' lives in a lot of ways, creating financial hardships, emotional challenges, physical pain, immobility and an inability to continue working. However, these accidents affect victims in other ways. For example, all of the...

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