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Are you facing debt collector harassment?

| Aug 27, 2020 | Personal Bankruptcy |

Tennessee residents like you may end up struggling with debt at some point in your life. It happens to many people, and there is no shame in having a few financial struggles in your time. 

Unfortunately, this can also lead to harassment by debt collectors. Though they cannot commit harassing behavior by law, this does not stop everyone. Are you a victim of debt collector harassment? Here are some signs that you might fall into this category. 

Using phones to harass you

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau looks at potential signs of debt collector harassment. Harassment can cover a wide range of behaviors and actions. For example, a collector may attempt to harass you via phone. They could call without identifying themselves and leave threatening messages. They may call constantly throughout the day and night, or call in the late night and early morning hours. These behaviors are all harassing. 

Collectors may also abuse you through their language. This can include threats of harm or violence, as well as using profane or obscene language. Threats often involve the possibility of eviction, homelessness and poverty. 

Debt shame lists

Some collectors also have public “shame” lists. These are lists of people who owe debts, published in a public way. This does not include reports they may send to a credit reporting company. These lists are often published online instead, where it is open access. 

Collectors may even threaten you by showing up at your home. Some anecdotal stories involve threats of agency employees parking outside of your home as a sign of surveillance. If you experience any of these tactics, then you are likely the target of harassment and can take action to protect yourself and your loved ones.