Veterans may be eligible for benefits to cover nursing home costs

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The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs provides health care options for veterans of the U.S. military, but qualifying for benefits is not as simple as proving your service to the country. 

If you need nursing home care, you may be eligible for one or more benefits that can help you cover the cost. 

Standard medical benefits

If you have VA medical benefits, this package includes skilled home health care, as well as respite care and adult day health care options. However, this does not include coverage for room and board at an assisted living home or an adult family home. 

Special monthly compensation

For some service-connected disabilities, the VA provides additional compensation. If you already receive these, and your disability makes you unable to care for your own personal needs, or it causes you to be bedridden, you may use the special monthly compensation to help cover the cost of the services you need. 

Eligibility factors and additional options

VA health care is likely to pay for some of the expense of a nursing home. You must sign up for this benefit, and the VA must determine that you do need the service. The space in the nursing home must also be available in your area. 

The VA may also consider factors such as your insurance coverage, income and service-related disability status. These may affect whether or not you must pay a copay, and how much. For example, private health insurance may lower the amount of the copay the VA requires. Medicare and Medicaid may also pay for some of the expenses that VA benefits do not. 


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