4 ways veterans’ benefits can support your return to school

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For veterans seeking to pursue education and further their career prospects, understanding the potential assistance available is essential. Veterans’ benefits can play an important role in facilitating their transition back to school and providing financial support.

Here are four ways veterans’ benefits can help veterans return to school.

1. Financial support through the GI Bill

The GI Bill provides financial support to eligible veterans, offering assistance with tuition, fees and a monthly housing allowance. It allows veterans to pursue various education and training programs, including college degrees, vocational training and apprenticeships.

2. Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment program

The Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment program assists veterans with service-connected disabilities in obtaining suitable employment or achieving independent living. Through the VR&E program, eligible veterans can receive support for educational and vocational training programs that enable them to develop new skills and pursue rewarding career paths. The program covers a range of expenses, including tuition, books, supplies and even adaptive technologies or specialized services needed for individuals with disabilities.

3. Tuition assistance programs

In addition to the GI Bill and the VR&E program, various tuition assistance programs exist to support veterans in their educational pursuits. Individual states, military branches or specific educational institutions may offer these programs. They provide financial aid to veterans, often covering a portion or the full cost of tuition.

4. Educational counseling and support services

Veterans can access educational counseling and support resources such as career guidance, academic advising and assistance with navigating the school enrollment process. These services aim to facilitate a smooth transition back to school, ensuring veterans have the necessary guidance and support to succeed in their educational journey.

Veterans can explore the available resources, understand eligibility criteria and seek guidance from veteran support services to maximize the benefits they have earned through their service.


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