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Considerations when a divorce involves a family business

Many people in Cleveland and other parts of the greater Chattanooga area, as well as those throughout Southeast Tennessee, have invested a lot of time and energy in building up a family-held or other small business. For many, their share in the business is their most valuable financial asset.

How is child support enforcement handled after a divorce?

When couples in Tennessee decide to divorce and there were children as part of the marriage, one of the major concerns is whether the supporting parent will make the necessary child support payments to the custodial parent on time and in full. When there is a failure to make the payments as they are ordered, the state will take certain steps to enforce the child support order. Understanding when this will take place and how it is done is a crucial aspect of a case.

What is the law for a temporary parenting plan during divorce?

Tennessee residents who are getting a divorce and have children will want to do whatever they can to maintain some semblance of normalcy. Since divorce can negatively impact children of all ages, having visitation with the parents is critical. This can be done in several ways. A temporary parenting plan has certain requirements under the law. Parents should be aware of them whether they are formulating the plan themselves or the court is doing it for them.

Difficult divorce leads man to step back from various positions

When a couple chooses to divorce in Tennessee, it can result in a negative impact on every aspect of their lives. This can go beyond financial issues, how property will be divided, children and more. For people who have prominent positions in the community, maintaining their work and extracurricular activities can be complicated by a public and contentious parting of the ways with a spouse. To avoid these problems from multiplying and infesting other areas of life, being organized is key. A law firm experienced in all types of divorce can help.

Do not move forward with a divorce without legal help

When a Tennessee couple gets married, the intention is that the marriage will stand the test of time and the couple will remain together. However, the reality is that many marriages simply do not work out as planned and the issues between the couple become so difficult that they decide they must get a divorce. Many might not realize the importance of having legal assistance, but this is a crucial factor toward ending a marriage.

After a divorce settlement, can my child support be modified?

Caring for children is one of the most important factors to consider when a Tennessee couple divorces. That care includes proper funding for their daily lives, medical coverage and more. When there is a divorce agreement and children are part of it, there will generally be an order of child support from the noncustodial parent to the custodial parent. As time passes, the support order might not be sufficient. This can be from the perspective of the supporting parent or the parent who is receiving support. Understanding when child support can be modified and how to go about making a change is an important part of the process.

Property division during divorce under Tennessee laws

When people decide to get married, divorce is usually the furthest thought from their mind. However, the reality is that nearly half of all marriages end due to dissolution of the marriage. It's fairly common, however, when divorce happens to you or a loved one, you likely will have many questions about the process. Questions related to property division are often high on the list of concerns.

Create a divorce solution that works for you and your family

We all know that things change and sometimes marriages can't or shouldn't last, and that is what divorce is for. Every marriage will have its own quirks and perhaps even a child custody arrangement to determine, which makes it even more important that you build a divorce solution that works for you and your family. Many people who are going through a divorce are concerned about the financial aspects of divorce.

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