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What evidence do you need to support a VA disability claim?

As previous posts here have discussed, those who served the United States in the Armed Services may be able to qualify for disability payments offered through the Department of Veterans Affairs. Unlike other disability programs, including Social Security, Veterans Benefits are available even to those who are partially disabled, which means that while they can work, they cannot do so to the same extent as they could prior to their illness or injury.

What types of benefits are available to veterans?

The term veterans' benefits actually refers to a number of federal programs that those who have served the United States can take advantage of. These programs are often essential in allowing a soldier, sailor or airman, once his or her service is complete, to transition smoothly in to a successful civilian life. This country's veterans truly deserve no less.

What are Aid and Attendance benefits?

As a Tennessee veteran ages, he will likely start to experience the same health issues that affect a broad range of people as they get older. They may not be able to get around as well as they used to, and a medical condition is likely to leave them homebound or even bed-ridden and requiring constant medical and personal care.

We fight alongside Tennessee veterans

One of the ways that the United States is able to thank and repay service men and women for their military service is the benefits offered through United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). The benefits that military personnel receive after their service is complete help to make up for the hardship and often-low pay that our nation's men and women experience when on active duty.

New developments on the VA benefits landscape

Veterans in Tennessee, as well as those from elsewhere in the U.S., can look forward to some welcome changes on the horizon. In recent weeks, Congress has made several strides toward improving the levels and extent of services at the Department of Veterans Affairs, which is one of the federal government's largest agencies. Ultimately, if all comes to fruition, many more individuals will be eligible for certain veterans benefits, and the agency as a whole will finally see some stability in its leadership.

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