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What are the costs for Chapter 7 personal bankruptcy?

Part of the reticence that a Tennessean who is considering filing for personal bankruptcy under Chapter 7 might have is that they think it will be too costly. In addition to the fear of moving forward with a court process, this can stagnate a person who would otherwise benefit from everything Chapter 7 offers. Getting back on stronger financial ground is an alluring concept, but when there are certain considerations that are not fully understood, it can stop a debtor from taking that next step before even learning about it.

Personal bankruptcy a growing trend for older people

Tennessee residents who are having financial issues might want to think about the benefits of personal bankruptcy. While it can be an intimidating thought, circumstances are key. Those facing dwindling income, job loss, or are simply drowning in debt should think about whether bankruptcy is a wise option. This is especially true with older people.

What are the benefits of Chapter 13 personal bankruptcy?

When a Tennessee resident is struggling financially, personal bankruptcy is a viable option to get on stronger financial ground. However, there is often confusion as to which type of bankruptcy is the wisest choice. For most consumers, the choice is between Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. Since Chapter 7 is a liquidation bankruptcy, it is better for people who do not have significant property and assets that they want to retain. For people who own a home or have other assets they want to keep, Chapter 13 is likely better. Understanding the benefits of Chapter 13 is vital when deciding which option to use.

Who can file for Chapter 7 personal bankruptcy?

It is easy to see how financial responsibilities could quickly boil over and get out of control. Beyond day-to-day expenses, sometimes things happen that can quickly upset an already shaky financial situation. Chapter 7 bankruptcy exists to help debtors and get them back into a better financial place.

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