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Bankruptcy: Dealing With Your Debt Effectively

Debt can be a crushing burden for your Tennessee family, and it can seem nearly impossible to escape from the cycle of accumulating balances, minimum payments and threats from debt collectors. The attorneys at Miller Law Firm understand how stressful unmanageable debt can be, and we help our clients find relief through consumer bankruptcy.

Many people misunderstand how bankruptcy works, but our goal is to inform our clients of all of their debt relief options. Through Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you may be able to effectively deal with your debt once and for all, securing a better future for your family. We truly care about the well-being of our Cleveland clients and those throughout the state, and we will be honest regarding whether bankruptcy can serve your interests.

Is Chapter 13 Bankruptcy The Right Choice?

Chapter 13 bankruptcy allows you pay off your debt over time according to a plan that considers your income, ability to pay and other factors. This option allows you the following benefits:

  • It will halt any foreclosure efforts on your home.
  • You will likely be able to keep your personal property.
  • It shields you from continued contact from creditors.
  • It allows you an organized way to confront your debt.

Chapter 13 offers applicants who qualify many benefits, but the primary benefit of consumer bankruptcy is the ability to obtain a fresh financial start. If Chapter 13 is not an option for you, Chapter 7 allows for the repayment of debt through the liquidation of some of your assets. Through a complete evaluation of your individual situation, we help you identify the best course of action and provide knowledgeable guidance in every step of this process.

Our Goal Is Protecting Your Future

The end of a marriage, unexpected illness or other factors beyond your control can leave you with debt you can never manage on your own. Our attorneys offer compassionate guidance during these difficult times, working diligently to help you make choices that are in your best interests and allow you to pursue a strong and stable future.

If you are considering bankruptcy, you may schedule a free initial evaluation with one of our experienced lawyers. By calling 423-464-6852 or reaching out online, you can learn more about your legal options.