Helping Veterans Secure The Benefits They Deserve

Individuals who served in the United States military are entitled to certain benefits in the event they require a nursing home, assisted living or in-home health care. Unfortunately, it can be complex to secure this type of support. If your family is facing difficult choices for a loved one who is a veteran, our team can help you fight for the benefits he or she deserves.

At Miller Law Firm, we help Cleveland residents and individuals throughout Tennessee navigate the complex veterans benefits system. Our founding attorney Jeff Miller has accreditation from the Department of Veterans Affairs, which means he has specific qualifications to help veterans secure additional benefits to which they are entitled.

An Attorney Who Knows The System

Navigating the veteran benefits system can be daunting and overwhelming, especially when you or your loved is already dealing with a serious medical issue. Mr. Miller understands your concerns and he knows how to help veterans who qualify secure Aid & Attendance benefits, which is an additional pension benefit. As a need-based benefit, Mr. Miller can develop an estate planning strategy that will not affect your eligibility for these benefits.

Aid & Attendance can provide you with the extra support needed to meet your specific medical needs or those of your loved one. If you are bedridden, disabled, require physical assistance to meet your basic needs or need constant care, we can help you pursue these benefits.

We Can Help You Apply For The Support You Need

Wartime veterans who are not in a nursing facility could still qualify for benefits that would cover certain needs, such as regular medical assistance, medical supplies and prescriptions. Survivors of veterans could qualify as well. We have experience with the VA and the benefits claims process, and we can help your family.

We strive to fully inform our clients of the benefits and options that are available to them. If you have concerns about your eligibility for certain veterans’ benefits or how to seek Aid & Assistance, reach out to our office to schedule your free initial case evaluation with one of our lawyers. You can contact us online or call 423-464-6852.