4 veteran’s benefits you might deserve more from

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Social security, military benefits, disability: All of this can add up. It could give you and your family some much-needed support.

The military supports veterans, but it is notoriously difficult to access all of the help available. This is especially true if you have medical problems or if you are simply busy handling other immediate concerns. Sometimes, just knowing the options helps.

1. VA hospitals

Northeast Ohio has excellent access to VA hospitals. Most notably, we have the Louis Stokes Cleveland VA Medical Center right here in the city. Veterans can access low cost or free services through these facilities.

2. Disability

Disability payments provide long-term compensation for permanent injuries. Many people do not get the full support they need from this program for a variety of reasons. For example, they might not have bank accounts. They might not manage their own spending in a responsible way. They might simply not know how to organize their benefits in such a way to get what they deserve.

3. Medical support

Wartime veterans and survivors of veterans alike have relatively robust systems supporting them. The VA claims process is somewhat complex though, so you might not even know you could get help with medical supplies, care and so on.

4. Pensions

You may also deserve more out of your military pension than you are currently receiving. For example, there is a category of benefits called Aid & Assistance that you might not know about or fully understand.

The government distributes some of these benefits on a need basis. However, you might need them and simply not be able to prove it. If you are looking for help, there is a good chance that you could qualify for it.



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