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Are you eligible for a VA pension?

Serving your country in the armed forces is a noble deed. You offered your life to protect the United States, and for doing so, you are eligible for a variety of benefits. One of those is a veterans pension. You may be eligible for a pension in certain situations. Not...

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What is an executor’s role?

Executors often have the hardest job when it comes to an estate plan. This is why it is so crucial for you to pick one who actually has what it takes to accomplish the necessary duties. But what are those duties, exactly? Just what does an executor do? What tasks do...

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What will happen to your debts in a divorce?

Divorce can bring about many uncertainties, even if it has been on the table between you and your spouse for quite some time. One of those uncertainties might be the outcome of any outstanding debts you have when the divorce is final. Tennessee divorce law outlines a...

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Do finances impact your divorce?

Popular myth states that the more wealth a couple accrues, the worse their divorce will end up. This is due to the perception that arguments over wealth make up a big part of divorce. But how true is this myth? Do finances actually dictate whether or not a couple will...

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What duties do divorce mediators have?

When going through divorce, even couples splitting amicably can benefit from a little bit of outside help. This is where divorce mediators come in handy. But what exactly do they do, and what duties must they uphold? Moderate discussions In Forbes' list of ways to...

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