Protecting Your Interests With A Will

A will allows you to decide what will happen to your money and your assets after you pass on. Unfortunately, many people do not understand the value of having an updated, thoughtfully drafted will. No matter what your income level or your assets, there is significant benefit in taking this first step in the estate planning process.

If You Do Not Make A Plan, The State Will

Dying without a will can bring significant complications to your loved ones. It also means the intestacy laws of the state of Tennessee will dictate how your assets are divided. You worked hard to build your wealth, and we believe that you have the right to decide what happens to it. The experienced estate planning attorneys at the Cleveland-based Miller Law Firm can help you draft a will and a complete estate plan that suits your unique needs.

The First Steps In Your Estate Plan

Having a will is the most basic step in any estate plan. Depending on the nature of your estate and the specific objectives you have for your wealth and your assets, a simple will may be sufficient to protect your interests for your loved ones. However, for more complex estates, we can inform you of the various ways a will can compliment other estate planning tools such as powers of attorney, living wills and specific types of trusts.

We can evaluate your entire situation, helping you identify the most appropriate strategy for drafting a thoughtful will. From standby provisions in your will to caring for your pets, we believe in helping each client lay the foundation for a strong future through a complete estate plan.

An Estate Planning Team That Cares

We sincerely care about the well-being of every client who turns to our law firm for estate planning assistance. We believe in results that matter and solutions that last, and our goal is to help you understand all of the options available to you. Our founding attorney Jeff Miller and the rest of our team can remove the stress from this complex process and help you feel confident about your future.

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