Is A Trust The Right Way To Help You Reach Your Goals?

A trust is an estate planning tool that can allow you to set aside and protect assets for a specific goal. From caring for a loved one with special needs to leaving a portion of your estate for charitable giving after you pass away, a trust could be the right way to help you achieve your specific goals.

At Miller Law Firm, we understand that a trust is not the right fit for every situation. Our goal is to help you draft an estate plan that truly meets your needs and objectives, whether that is through a trust or a simple will. Attorney Jeff Miller and the other members of our Cleveland, Tennessee, legal team will carefully evaluate your financial circumstances and goals to determine if your strategy for your estate should include a trust.

What Are The Benefits Of A Trust?

If a trust is the right choice for you, it can provide a way for you to plan for the transition of money and assets after your death while allowing you to manage your property while you are still alive. There are multiple types of revocable trusts, and each one offers a way for a person to accomplish a specific goal through his or her estate plan. A few examples include:

  • Special needs trust — which allows you to provide for a loved one without affecting his or her eligibility for government benefits.
  • Charitable giving trust — which allows you set aside money for a specific organization or the benefit of the public.
  • Asset protection trust — which will allow you to possibly shield your assets from any future collection efforts.

Many people enjoy the other benefits that a trust can offer, including the avoidance of estate taxes and the probate process. A trust can also help you keep your financial affairs private, protect underage children who may not be capable of managing money and plan for possible disability in the future.

We Can Help You Understand Your Options

Estate planning can be a stressful process, but we can offer experienced guidance and honest counsel on these very important issues. If it is in your interests to draft a trust, we will diligently prepare a strategy that best suits your objectives. Our team is proud to offer free initial case evaluations with one of our lawyers, and you can learn more about your estate planning options by calling 423-464-6852 or contacting us online.