Take Control Of Your Future With Effective Planning

You do not have to wait until there is an emergency to plan for one. We understand that it is difficult to consider elder law issues such as potential disability and the need for nursing care in the future, which is why we strive to take the stress out of making these difficult decisions. Through effective planning and preparation, you can face the future knowing you have security and support in case of a contingency.

Long-term care planning is a smart step for every Tennessee individual, regardless of his or her individual health or assets. Taking the appropriate measures now can be significantly beneficial for you and your loved ones if you need nursing home care in the future. The elder law attorneys at Miller Law Firm have experience in developing strategies that will allow you to remain eligible for Medicaid to cover your expenses in the future, while retaining control of assets today.

We Can Help You Obtain Peace Of Mind

We strive to protect the well-being of all of our clients in Cleveland and throughout the state. We offer services that can help all families make plans for their future care without sacrificing their assets or lifestyle in the present. Nursing home care is exorbitantly expensive, and failing to plan appropriately can leave your family with fewer options and significant medical bills in the event that you experience an emergency.

Medicare looks at the past five years of your financial situation, which means early planning is critical. If your assets are over a certain value or your income is too high, you will not qualify. Through a careful evaluation of your situation and effective nursing home planning, we are able to identify your needs and help you take certain steps that will keep you eligible and protect your family.

The Answers And Assistance You Need

We know that planning for the future is complicated. From understanding the difference between Medicaid and Medicare to achieving specific goals through your estate plan, we work for positive solutions. Our experience and familiarity with the laws and regulations involved with long-term care planning allow us to provide insightful and honest counsel for you and your family.

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