Helping Tennessee Residents With Probate Or Trust Administration Concerns

After the death of a loved one, you may find yourself facing the responsibility of acting as the executor of his or her estate. This is an immense responsibility, and if you are unfamiliar with its requirements, it can be a daunting prospect. The team at Miller Law Firm will guide you through this process, providing honest and compassionate guidance during your time of grief.

Probate is more than just the act of transferring a person’s property after his or her death. This can be a lengthy process with various legal requirements. Missteps can unnecessarily extend probate, but we strive to provide our Tennessee clients with the appropriate probate or trust administration guidance to bring their case to a positive conclusion in a timely manner.

Guidance For A Complex Process

In probate, a court will name a specific person as the executor of the estate. You will have the responsibility of:

  • Making an inventory of the estate
  • Paying off any debts owed by the decedent
  • Ensuring that beneficiaries receive the appropriate assets as dictated by the will .

Probate is complex, and many people misunderstand how it works. We can explain your responsibilities as executor, as well as how to avoid potential complications.

Trust Administration

The administrator of a trust will bear similar responsibilities, but a court does not appoint this person. He or she must administer and distribute assets held in the trust as specified by the person who created the trust.

Complications With Probate And Trust Administration

Probate can be a particularly complicated if there is a:

  • Contest over the will
  • Certain heirs are incompetent or unavailable
  • If heirs cannot agree on the appointment of a particular person as the executor.

Similar issues can arise during the administration of a trust. Our team will help you address these and other complications and meet the requirements of the executor or trust administrator at the same time.

Learn More With A Free Initial Evaluation Of Your Case

By offering free initial evaluations of your case, you can learn more about how we can help you navigate the probate process or act as the administrator of a trust. When creating estate plans, our lawyers can also help you to potentially avoid probate altogether. Call 423-464-6852 or contact our Cleveland office online to schedule your appointment with one of our probate attorneys.