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Estate Planning

What are powers of attorney?

When it comes to your estate plan, do you know which documents are the most crucial? You may have heard about powers of attorney, but the documents mean little to you if you do not understand what it means. According to AARP, every person should have a power of...

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What if one dies without a will?

It is never easy to face the prospect of one's own mortality. On top of that, one might reasonably be reticent about the prospect of offending certain family members or friends with their decisions regarding the dispersals of their estates. For this reason, some in...

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Estate plan updates preserve function

An outdated estate plan may retain control of testators' legacies even if they made informal changes elsewhere. Because many courts reference legal documents to close an estate, it is critical for people to keep their plans updated. Significant life changes may impact...

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What role does a beneficiary play?

As a beneficiary, you may find it confusing as to what your actual role in the estate plan might be. To that end, it is important to understand what an estate plan expects of you and how you interact with the trust and trustee. Some mistakenly believe a beneficiary...

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Will your estate be subject to tax?

You work for your entire life looking to accumulate assets to one day pass on to those you love. The thought of any portion of those assets going to settle expenses and liabilities is thus disheartening. Estate planning experts may offer advice on how to avoid probate...

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