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Do finances impact your divorce?

Popular myth states that the more wealth a couple accrues, the worse their divorce will end up. This is due to the perception that arguments over wealth make up a big part of divorce. But how true is this myth? Do finances actually dictate whether or not a couple will...

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What duties do divorce mediators have?

When going through divorce, even couples splitting amicably can benefit from a little bit of outside help. This is where divorce mediators come in handy. But what exactly do they do, and what duties must they uphold? Moderate discussions In Forbes' list of ways to...

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Do assets affect divorce disputes?

When going through a divorce, assets will come up quite often. How will you divide them? Who owns what? Are any assets exempt from division? Of the many questions you may ask yourself or your spouse during the divorce process, one might be: do assets impact the rate...

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What should you know about joint custody?

Parents going through divorce still want what is best for their children no matter what. This includes doing whatever they can to alleviate the stress of the split. One good way to do that is through the custody options chosen. Joint custody is one potential choice...

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Signs of parental alienation to look out for

Going through a divorce can be difficult for everyone involved. Not only is it difficult for the couple who is divorcing, but it can also be challenging for the children as well. If parental alienation is taking place, then it can make things even more challenging. By...

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How can collaborative divorce work?

Going through a divorce will undoubtedly put a strain on multiple areas of your life, including but not limited to your emotional and mental health. You undoubtedly want a way to help reduce this stress even by a degree. If you are one of the couples that...

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