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What conditions make a will invalid?

One of the reasons for probate in Tennessee is to verify the validity of estate planning documents such as a will. If you wish to contest a loved one's will, it is important for you to know which conditions could make a will invalid. Focusing on areas of concern may...

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Other alternatives to full-blown probate

As many residents of Tennessee have probably heard, creating a trust is one way residents can eliminate, or at least greatly simplify, the probate process.To review, probate is a court-supervised process through which a person, the executor, collects a deceased...

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What is the “elective share” in probate?

Like other states, Tennessee has a provision in its laws for what is commonly called the elective share. The elective share protects the surviving spouse from being left penniless after the other spouse's death`. Presumably, this is because, as a society, we assume...

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Grounds under which one can challenge a will

Creating a will is an important step for almost anyone in Southeastern Tennessee to take. Doing so can save a lot of trouble for one's family after one's death, as a well-drafted will should give clear instructions about how a Cleveland resident wants her property...

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How does probate work in Tennessee?

Many people living in Cleveland, Tennessee, and in the other neighborhoods in and around Chattanooga may have a natural desire to plan their estates so as to avoid probate. The probate process has, after all, gotten somewhat of a bad name in recent decades as a...

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