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How can you avoid probate?

Most wills must go through probate, which is the process of proving them valid, paying creditors, and distributing assets to heirs. Some probate cases proceed smoothly and resolve in a short amount of time. However, others can go on for months while the court tries to...

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How to prevent or defend a contested will

A diligent individual may leave behind a will with clear instructions for distributing an estate after death. Some in the family may not be happy with the document's contents and challenge the expressed wishes. Individuals and their inheritors should know how to...

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How do you handle pets with probate?

After your death, your last will and testament must undergo verification in court. Your executor will help this process along, ensuring that everything you wanted to happen will come to fruition in your absence. This includes any special stipulations you may have...

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What conditions make a will invalid?

One of the reasons for probate in Tennessee is to verify the validity of estate planning documents such as a will. If you wish to contest a loved one's will, it is important for you to know which conditions could make a will invalid. Focusing on areas of concern may...

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Other alternatives to full-blown probate

As many residents of Tennessee have probably heard, creating a trust is one way residents can eliminate, or at least greatly simplify, the probate process.To review, probate is a court-supervised process through which a person, the executor, collects a deceased...

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