Difficult divorce leads man to step back from various positions

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When a couple chooses to divorce in Tennessee, it can result in a negative impact on every aspect of their lives. This can go beyond financial issues, how property will be divided, children and more. For people who have prominent positions in the community, maintaining their work and extracurricular activities can be complicated by a public and contentious parting of the ways with a spouse. To avoid these problems from multiplying and infesting other areas of life, being organized is key. A law firm experienced in all types of divorce can help.

A man who is in the middle of divorcing his wife has been forced to step back from several positions due to the ongoing situation. The couple’s case has been pending for a year-and-a-half. It is riddled with acrimony as his wife, 42, states that he treated her as a possession and made intimate comments about their life together. The man, 67, runs a car dealership and is prominent in local and national politics. He has denied the claims made by his wife. He is on the board of trustees of a local university, a private school, and a Republican think tank. He has stepped back from all as he deals with the divorce.

Certain agreements have already been made as they seek to settle the case. She will receive at least $4 million as part of the settlement. Another $1 million will be provided so she can buy a home. She asks for $15,000 per month in child support. He says that slightly more than $2,000 will be enough. Her monthly expenses were calculated by an accountant representing her and it says that for the child and other personal costs, she spends around $80,000 per month. The trial is set to start with the potential for an extended process as the legal issues are sorted out.

The number of divorces that are amicable and settled quickly with the parties ending the marriage cordially are few and far between. Some are a battleground with the sides disputing just about every aspect they can possibly dispute. With a complex divorce and significant money at stake, it is imperative to have legal assistance. For those who are known in the community and can be harmed by private information, it is even more important to have legal advice to try and negotiate the process and settle it as efficiently as possible. A law firm with experience in divorce, property division, spousal support and child custody can help with a case so it is easier to move forward and start again.


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