Depression, marital strain and divorce

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There are various reasons why marriages crumble. Sometimes, an affair leads to a marriage falling apart, while other couples decide to get divorced because disagreements on major issues (such as a child attending a particular college or where to live). However, some marriages suffer as a result of one individual’s mental or emotional hardships, such as depression.

If you are depressed or your spouse is struggling with these feelings, we understand the unique challenges you will likely encounter if you move forward with a divorce (or decide to stay in your marriage). It is imperative to prepare for what lies ahead.

Working through the process

Those who are facing depression often have greater difficulty managing divorce-related issues. For example, some people in this position lack energy or have difficulty getting out of bed and dealing with various responsibilities. Moreover, depression sometimes gives rise to other concerns, such as substance abuse or side effects associated with certain medications. All of these challenges can interfere with one’s ability to work through the divorce process and it is imperative for people to try their best to devote a sufficient amount of time and energy to their divorce.

Staying positive

Even though it is very difficult (or even impossible) for those with chronic depression to stay positive, having a brighter outlook on one’s life and future carries various benefits. For example, people are able to see their options more clearly and take steps to protect their future, and this is especially important for parents or those who have a lot at stake in terms of their finances. Our site goes over a lot of issues related to the divorce process, feel free to read more.


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