How can you stay calm while dealing with a divorce?

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When your marriage splits apart, you may wonder what actions and habits you need to acquire to keep your peace of mind.

The stress of a divorce can overwhelm you if you do not set aside time to relax, communicate clearly and stay away from picking sides.

Financial worries

According to the American Psychological Association, many couples have trouble staying civil when dividing up assets and money. In some cases, it may help to only discuss sensitive topics with a third party around.

Hiding your property can also lead to future trouble when dividing assets. You may feel tempted to gift certain items to family or friends and collect them later on, but that can only complicate matters in court.

Interpersonal worries

Speaking face to face with your ex-spouse can bring back feelings of aggravation and stress. Picking your battles with him or her can help you focus on more important matters, such as alimony or custody of your children.

If you feel tempted to make rash decisions or big plans, like moving to a new city, hold off until the divorce is final. Make sure to take note of how your children feel during this process. Talking with them beforehand about the new changes can help the transition feel less intimidating.

Mental health worries

Since divorces can take months to finalize, finding a stress relief routine may help you deal with the process and its effects on your mind. Find a new outlet for your stress, such as exercise or meditation, can help you deal more positively with the life change you are experiencing. Staying connected with a social network of extended family or friends also helps ease the burden.


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