How to bring up a prenuptial agreement with your partner

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Prenuptial agreements can be a sensitive topic to bring up with your fiance. After all, if you plan on being together forever, why would you need to prepare for a breakup? Unfortunately, this line of thinking has caused many couples to forgo this very important process.

If you are considering a prenuptial agreement, here are a few tips for addressing the subject with your partner.

Prioritize having the conversation

You should talk about a prenuptial agreement as early in your engagement as possible. You and your future spouse may need time to process the possibility and determine what you would each want to see in such a contract.

Facilitate a dialogue

A prenuptial agreement means different things to different people, and you will want to hear your partner’s thoughts on the matter. Encourage your fiance to voice their opinions and questions concerning this topic. Make sure to address any concerns with compassion and understanding.

Talk about the advantages

As you navigate the conversation, try to emphasize the benefits of a prenup, including that it:

  • Protects premarital property
  • Sheilds one person from the other’s debt
  • Reduces potential conflict during a divorce
  • Ensures security for any current or future children

By highlighting the advantages, you can help to soothe any fears your fiance may have.

Make decisions together

A premarital contract should reflect the interests of both parties equally. Let your future spouse know that you will work together through the process to make sure you are both comfortable with the outcome.

A marriage is a partnership. A prenuptial agreement is an opportunity to begin that partnership on the right footing.


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