Is it possible to communicate amicably with your ex?

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Getting a divorce will certainly change the relationship between you and your ex. However, depending on your situation, you may still need to communicate with your former spouse.

Particularly in situations where you share children together, the ability to communicate amicably may greatly improve everyone’s experience going forward.

Healing from the inside out

An ending marriage can take its toll on your emotional health. Unraveling the years or even decades of your marriage and identifying the root cause of your unhappiness will take time, no doubt. According to, begin by healing the hurt. This step may require you to work with a therapist to really assess your emotions and experiences. If you feel that forgiveness will give you freedom going forward, remember that choosing to forgive does not mean accepting wrongs against you. Rather, it is allowing yourself to free toxic experiences so you can move forward and have peace of mind.

Working on your healing from the inside out may enable you to show more empathy, understanding and love. Your genuine desire to work compatibly with your ex may improve the lines of communication and encourage your ex to follow suit.

Showing humility and integrity

It may not always seem easy to act with integrity when your ex may not live accordingly. However, allowing yourself to let agitation, competition and retaliation take over can only hurt your reputation and spur anger and divisiveness. Showing humility and continuing to live with integrity may improve your own self-esteem, but also show everyone around you a sincere desire to put the past behind you.

Divorce can bring challenges, but with your effort to move forward, you may find that communicating amicably with your ex begins to become more effortless.


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