How can collaborative divorce work?

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Going through a divorce will undoubtedly put a strain on multiple areas of your life, including but not limited to your emotional and mental health. You undoubtedly want a way to help reduce this stress even by a degree.

If you are one of the couples that collaborative divorce works for, then it is possible to achieve this.

Reducing expenses by avoiding court

Forbes discusses the benefits of staying out of court through collaborative divorce. Generally speaking, staying out of court is the best way to reduce the overall cost and length of time that your divorce takes. On top of that, it protects your privacy because your divorce case does not get recorded in public court documents.

Instead of going to court, you could look into a number of different alternative options. Collaborative divorce serves as one of these options.

How collaboration works

With this type of divorce, you and your partner each hire personal representatives who will then attend every divorce meeting and discussion that you hold. They speak on your behalf and act as your advocates, discussing your position with your spouse’s personal representative.

The goal is to get to an agreement that both you and your spouse can feel satisfied with, or at least can settle on. Of course, this requires the ability to make concessions and bargain on both sides.

Some arguments will happen and this is natural. However, if you and your spouse cannot seem to come to any agreements no matter what offers get put forward by the personal representatives, then collaboration may not suit your situation the best. You might want to look into something else.


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