Do assets affect divorce disputes?

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When going through a divorce, assets will come up quite often. How will you divide them? Who owns what? Are any assets exempt from division?

Of the many questions you may ask yourself or your spouse during the divorce process, one might be: do assets impact the rate or intensity of divorce arguments?

Assets and instances of arguments

Business Insider discusses how divorce disputes may occur. Assets do often drive arguments and vitriol in a divorce situation. In fact, assets often cause divorces in the first place, acting as a major contributing factor in many couples’ frustrations with one another.

However, asset amount does not necessarily equate to bigger or worse arguments in divorce. Couples with a net worth of over $5 million have more amiable divorces than anyone else, for example.

While couples with between $1 and $5 million in a net worth fight more than anyone else, this might have less to do with assets than you might think.

The feeling of financial security

In the end, it could boil down to financial security. Highly wealthy couples have that sense of security, so they can afford to delve into amicable divorce. On the other hand, couples in the upper-middle class range have a lot to lose and could end up losing their financial comfort if the divorce goes poorly.

It is this fear of financial loss or instability that may contribute to more arguments in divorce, rather than the actual asset amount. In other words, wealth and net worth is not necessarily a good indicator of whether or not you and your spouse will fight more.


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