How can you pick a good care facility?

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Choosing a good care facility is important, and it is not a part of the estate planning process that you should overlook.

How do you pick a good care facility, though? How do you know what red flags to avoid?

Researching facilities in advance

The National Institute on Aging discusses good care facility options and how to find them. The best way to do this is through careful research and in-person visits to the facilities you think would make the best fit. After all, what seems good on paper may not live up to the hype in practice.

It is also important to get some first-hand information about life at the facility. Try to set up a meeting with the director of nurses, and the director of the facility at large. This will let you get a feeling for how they are as people, and as community leaders in charge of the facility.

Look out for red flags

On top of that, keep an eye out for a rotating staff. This is one of the easiest red flags to spot. If the staff seems to constantly cycle in and out without a high retention rate, it could point to an overworked, underpaid staff, or a staff with little to no investment in the residents.

Finally, always pick the facility based on whether or not it suits your unique needs. No matter how high the reviews are for certain places, if they do not cater to any additional help or support you require, you will likely not have a great experience there.


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