Why should I stay off social media during my divorce?

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From sharing photos of special moments to sharing goofy memes, social media helps keep many people connected. You probably have your own set of rules for what you should and shouldn’t post, but might not know how a simple photo or tweet could potentially affect your divorce proceeding.

You don’t have to run and delete your Facebook or Instagram account, but laying low until your divorce proceedings have wrapped up might not be a bad idea. Because not only can your soon-to-be ex use your own posts against you, but seeing what your ex is up to might also be bothersome.

Protect your image

Even if you feel like you and your ex are on good terms that doesn’t mean they won’t use any evidence they can to build a case for a settlement that works in their favor. For example, if they notice you post a lot of photos drinking with friends, they might use this as evidence to show you are unfit to be the designated custodial parent. They may even take the innocent photos of your monthly wine and book club photos out of context, but either way it won’t look great on your part.

Protect your emotions

The divorce process is already an emotionally high time ⁠— you’re separating from someone you once envisioned forever with and trying to figure out your next steps all at the same time. But how can you move on with new life plans, ambitions and goals if you are constantly trying to keep up with someone who is part of your past? A social media cleanse can not only help you clear your mind, but also keep a healthy distance from your ex’s profile.

Protect your privacy

Sometimes even if we delete online connections we no longer want to associate with or block posts from certain friends, people still talk offline. Perhaps you post a status on your wall about how the divorce process is going. You might think this news is for the eyes of your friends only on your private account. However, it only takes a second to screenshot and share your post with people you don’t consider friends in the slightest. Maybe you were ready to talk about your divorce with people you trusted, but now you are having to deal with unsolicited comments from people you don’t even know that well.

Social media provides you with important updates on your friends and world news, but refraining from social media could be a positive choice as you go through the divorce process.



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