Estate planning and PTSD

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Our law firm realizes that those with post-traumatic stress disorder face many hardships in life. From problems in personal relationships to struggling in the workplace and battling mental trauma that leads to addiction, sleep problems and other challenges, PTSD is debilitating. As a result, it is especially important for those with PTSD to approach the estate planning process with care.

For veterans and others with PTSD, estate planning offers many benefits, including peace of mind that is very helpful. However, the entire process requires extra attention.

Undue influence

One concern that arises for some people with severe PTSD is undue influence. For example, when a family member or another key individual in one’s life steps in and tries to take advantage of that person for financial gain, this is unacceptable. Moreover, allegations of undue influence often lead to disputes over an estate plan later on, creating a lot of stress for families. It is imperative to watch out for anyone who tries to take advantage of you with regard to your estate.

Focusing on the future

Sometimes, people with PTSD experience very serious symptoms, such as significant depression, anxiety and the inability to focus on legal matters. However, those with PTSD often benefit from setting up a solid estate plan, not only in terms of their finances but their mental health as well. Look toward the future and take steps to protect your estate.

If your loved one has PTSD, try to provide support and help them work through their estate planning concerns. Explore our site to read more about setting up an estate plan.


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