How does parental alienation manifest?

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When an alienating parent tries to drive a wedge between you and your child, it leaves behind a mark. Many alienated parents often notice signs of parental alienation as it occurs. But some do not know what they are looking at. This can lead to a delay in reaction.

To react swiftly in response to parental alienation, you must know what signs to keep an eye out for. Though it manifests differently in every child, some telltale signs exist in most cases.

Change in personal interactions

Psychology Today looks at how parental alienation can manifest in a victim. As mentioned, it can look different from case to case and kid to kid. Some of the influencing factors include your child’s age, maturity level and independence. Others include the tactics that your co-parent uses to drive you two apart.

Often, children experiencing parental alienation show the first signs in how they interact with you. They may grow cold or standoffish. They might fuss any time they have to spend time with you. They could refuse to see you. They may make up excuses to leave early.

Increased critical behavior

Many also grow overly-critical. They find something to complain about in anything you do. They suddenly dislike things about you that they never mentioned disliking before. They may also act entitled, as if you owe them and they owe you nothing in return.

Finally, keep an eye out for behavioral changes. Your child may seem sullen, withdrawn or depressed. They could also grow agitated and angry, and may lash out at you and others. If you notice such signs, consider contacting an attorney to decide how to move forward.


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