What qualities should you look for in an executor?

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As you plan out your will and final wishes, you may begin to wonder who can you depend on to take care of your estate and beneficiaries after your death.

This task is important, and knowing what traits make an executor a quality choice can help you as you think about this question.

Reliable and energetic

According to Kiplinger, choosing someone who actively wants to take on the responsibility of this job is a good sign. Your executor should know what is important to you and should be willing to deal with legal problems and your beneficiaries’ complaints.

Talking to this person and making sure to describe what they are responsible for before officially naming them as your executor can help you tell if this will be a good match.

Willing to play peacemaker

If your family or friends become frustrated at what assets they receive or have questions or complaints about something in your will, your executor needs to be able to answer them and prevent fights. Even small disagreements can become big problems if family members delay the probate process.

An executor with an even and calm temperament can help probate go smoothly even if disagreements happen.


A major part of being an executor is dealing with the courts and creditors or paying off old debts on your behalf. Someone who is responsible and willing to contact the right people and meet deadlines is a valuable person when you need to deal with a will and estate.

Choosing the right executor can help you feel relaxed and prepared as you go through this process.


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