Benefits that veterans often overlook

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If you have served in the military you likely qualify for a series of valuable benefits. This remains true no matter your age or your station in life.

Understanding what benefits you qualify for could improve the quality of life for you and your loved ones.

VA benefits that do not get enough attention

AARP reports that only about 9 million out of 23 million veterans regularly interact with VA services. This could mean that a lot of prior military members do not take full advantage of available services. Though many health services see robust usage, a program such as aid and attendance helps fewer members than it could. This underutilized program provides a monthly pension for veterans and their survivors who are bedridden or live in a nursing facility.

You might not know that the caregiver support program has a help support line, peer mentoring and online resources. It also has a financial assistance program for those who qualify. The GI Bill contains a provision that allows veterans to transfer unused education benefits to a spouse or to children.

VA benefits that could provide more help

Even popular programs probably do not always reach everyone who could benefit. You can take advantage of the community service organizations that give assistance with such tasks as filling out tax forms or filing a healthcare claim.

VA home loans sometimes provide better rates and terms than conventional loans. You might also qualify for low-cost life insurance programs through the Department of Veteran Affairs. A variety of banking programs have services specially suited to former military members. As a veteran, you may qualify for important benefits that you have earned.


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