Consider your funeral options in your estate plan

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When arranging your estate plan, it may seem easy to focus more on the inheritance aspects versus the end-of-life aspects. However, declaring your wishes in advance in writing and communicating with your family ahead of time about your funeral preferences may save some time and grief.

After your death, your family will need to organize and pay for your funeral. If you have it done in advance, they can sort through their emotions without making these major calls or figuring out how to pay for funeral costs.


Often seen as the most traditional, burial involves an arrangement between your chosen funeral home and preferred cemetery. Costs specific to a burial involve your casket and many cemeteries require a burial vault. Funerals with burial services tend to cost a median amount of $7,271 around Tennessee.


If you wish to avoid the costs of a burial plot, you may opt for a cremation where the funeral home sends your body to a local crematory. Afterward, your family may hold and display your ashes. This may cost less and reports place the median amount of a funeral with cremation at around $6,314.

Green funerals

Environmentally friendly funerals and burials are gaining popularity in a world concerned with climate change. This may involve alternative body disposal or biodegradable caskets. Costs may vary depending on the options you choose.

When discussing these details with your family, it is important to research your options and make sure your documentation is clear. There are resources available to help you describe your wishes across your whole estate plan in a meaningful, understandable way.


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