Unlocking Tennessee’s Tailored VA Benefits for Veterans

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Tennessee provides special VA benefits for veterans to better their lives. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, just under one-half of all veterans take advantage of these benefits.

Knowing about these benefits can create positive change for veterans and their families.

Tennessee state veterans homes

Tennessee has four state veterans homes located in Clarksville, Humboldt, Knoxville and Murfreesboro. These homes provide nursing care, rehabilitation and assisted living services, all within a home-like environment. Both veterans with an honorable discharge and their spouses are eligible.

Property tax relief

Veterans who meet the eligibility criteria, along with surviving spouses, can request a property tax exemption for their home. This exemption helps lessen the financial stress on veterans and their families.

Education benefits

The Veterans Education Transition Support program helps veterans shift from military service to college. Veterans, no matter where they live, could qualify for in-state tuition rates depending on their status.

The Tennessee Promise program offers eligible veterans tuition-free access to community or technical colleges, making higher education more accessible.

Employment assistance

Veterans seeking employment can turn to Tennessee’s Veterans Employment Program for support.

Employers can also take advantage of the Work Opportunity Tax Credit, which provides financial incentives for hiring veterans.

Veteran preference in state employment

The state provides veterans with preference in state employment. This advantage acknowledges veterans’ skills and experience.

Tennessee’s commitment to its veterans shines through with its tailored VA benefits. Despite the difficulty and long wait times to receive benefits, veterans can ease their transition into civilian life and can improve their quality of life by utilizing them.


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